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Our passion for over twenty years… Evolution Audio & Video is a unique multi-media design firm. Unlike some home media installers, we have a large showroom with 5 “Experience” rooms and a design facility. Our passion for music and movies is reflected in the attention to detail of every system we install.


Elegant & Innovative Solutions

System design is essential to a successful home media installation.  Why simply gawk at a photo from a salesman’s tablet, when you can actual “Experience” rooms where you can see, feel and be comfortable with each component?  The solution starts with a real world experience.  From there we can build you the perfect beast. No surprises, no headaches.  Just simple solutions for any size system.


Premium 2-Channel Audio Systems

Remember "Stereo"?  We do.  Many people are adding 2-channel listening areas to their home.  Somewhere that you can kick back, relax and listen to real music.  Not compressed mp3 sounds, but real, true high-fidelity audio.  Close your eyes and you can pick out the instruments in the orchestra or hear the singer as if they were performing directly in front of you.  Your own personal concert...  Evolution can bring back the magic of 2-channel sound the way it was meant to be heard.


Easy to Use Technology

The most popular question we get when asked about a home media system is "how easy will it be for my family and me to operate?" We can simplify the operation of your system with the installation of a touchscreen remote control. Your system will be intuitive to operate and easy to use.  We are Crestron and URC Certified.


Home Automation & Programming

Today's audio/video systems are elaborate - even the simplest system.  They are all controlled via a microprocessor.  They all involve networking.  To tame these "beasts", you need an equally sophisticated home automation system - that is stupid-simple to use.  Maybe a few years ago it was a choice between sending the kid(s) to college or obtaining a reliable remote system.  Relax, today you can do both!  Evolution has extremely affordable iPad automation packages.  We use either URC or Crestron as the "brains" of our automation packages.  Couple them with a simple iPad and you have anywhere from an elegant one room solution to entire home control.  Let Evolution show you how...


Excellent Customer Service

Many of our clients have been “family” for well over 30 years!  We pride ourselves in creating the “best-in-class” system in any price range you have in mind.  From the Chevrolet to the Porsche of systems, we have you covered.  Nothing is too big or too small for our team of specialists.  Back in the 80’s Evolution Audio & Video, pioneered, designed and installed many of the first-ever integrated high-end front screen projection and audiophile grade surround systems in Southern California.   We draw from years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to deliver the experience you desire with the attention you deserve.

 News & Events

May - A Brand New Month

Wow... We're almost half way through 2016!  It's like running a half marathon and you're pushing past the 12th mile marker looking to have a fast finish at the end.  Or, running a full marathon and knowing that you're not even half way home yet.  However you want to look at it, the year is passing by quickly!  It's time to pause and take a look around at the new stuff that life has to offer...

If you haven't heard, we now are Martin Logan dealers!  In fact, we're one of the very first dealers to debut their brand new Renaissance ESL 15A Speakers!  Absolutely magnificent!  Along with the incredible sound of our GoldenEar line-up, I believe we now have some of the finest speakers that money can buy.  But that's not all...

If Martin Logan and GoldenEar are the crown jewels of listening, then wait till you see the picture quality from the all-new Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4k Laser Projector!  This unit will set your eyeballs ablaze!  With 4k comes HDR (High Dynamic Range), 5,000 lumens of eye-searing brightness and instead of your usual lamp to illuminate the picture, this Sony uses a Laser!  This unit has enough "horsepower" to light up a small city - or a very large screen!  Sony's newest 4k TV's also toss in 5 FREE 4k movies to kick-start your collection.

Integra is introducing new models of receivers, preamp/processors and more.  We recently add Cambridge Audio as well.  Their new CX line of electronics is amazingly good.

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  Special Offers

The Incredible Integra DHC-60.7...  The "Swiss Army Knife" of Preamp/Processors

This little gem does it all... Slicing, dicing, mincing and did I mention Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Hi-Res Audio, UltraHD 4k, Streaming?  Just add amps and you're ready for the future!

This fantastic unit should sell for a minimum of $5,000 - but for you - today only - and probably tomorrow as well - and maybe even in a month from now - it's yours for the low, LOW price of only $1,600!
How is that even POSSIBLE?  We don't know - ask Integra!
     Order yours today!  

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Thanks again for your help and professionalism. I’m glad to be a customer of your store; and the advise and recommendations you provide are spot on; and I appreciate the attention and service.

Robert Princenthal

…we are very pleased with our theater consultants, Evolution Audio Video, located in Agoura Hills, California. Mike Goodman and Jay Frank really made our theater happen! They focused on our system’s design and made it easy for us to use.

Rich Greenhalgh

I have been watching live sporting events (I’m a diehard Red Sox fan) and the (Runco) image is truly remarkable. In fact, my kids think it’s BETTER than actually going to the movies! Thanks for the note, and take care.

Ed Harding
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