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84in. 4k Professional Studio Monitor - What an "F-ing" Deal!

Planar 84in - Hi-Rez 4k Series
Retail Price: $17,999
One of A Kind Sale: $9,500 (Ouch! for Us - Holy Sh*t for You!)
Industrial strength!  84 inches of incredible 4k Picture Quality!  Into Sports?  Split the screen 4-ways and watch 4 sporting events at once!  Or, (if you have the stomach for it) watch the top 4 Presidential candidates at once!  Or, 4 TV's show at once!  Or, just one...  When I say it's Industrial Strength, I mean it!  No other TV manufacturer offers this... Planar's 3 year warranty.  If there's a problem (highly unlikely) they won't just fix it - Planar will REPLACE it within the 3 year warranty period - period!  New in the "crate"!  Don't wait - only ONE left!
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Wisdom Audio Sage Series L75 & SC-1 DSP Controller - Store Demo - Full Warranty

Retail Price: $25,200.00

One of A Kind Sale: $14,000

Are we crazy or what?  You now have an excuse to purchase a pair of the best Line Source/Planar Magnectics speakers in the entire universe!  (That covers a lot of territory!!)  This price includes their super-advanced SC-1 DSP Audyssey Room Correction Controller.  We also have their matching C38 Center Channel speaker at an other-worldly price if you're so inclined...

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Meridian Blow-out!

                                                                                    Meridian Speakers and Electronics - All Store Demos at ridiculously low prices! DSP-7000's, DSP-5200's G-65, etc., etc. Call for pricing!



Sunfire TrueSub's - CRS-3 OnWall Rosewood Speakers - Demo's - Call for Availbility
One of A Kind Sale: Half Price!
Yes - All our Sunfire demos are priced to move...

Sunfire has long been know for their incredible sounding, high-end subwoofer systems!  Bob Carver was the first to come out with super-powerful subwoofers (1,000 plus watts) in tiny packages.  We have the Sunfire TrueSub, the Signature Sub and their Atmos Sub at half price.  Also their beautiful sounding (and looking) on wall ribbon speakers!  Don't let these pass you by! They won't be here long!


Integra: Factory Refurbished = Savings!

Have you ever desired to own the best in Home Theater Electronics?  Receivers, amplifiers, preamp/processors or Blu-ray players...  Integra is the major player in home theater.  Most audiophiles know them as Onkyo's high-end counterpart.  Like Lexus is to Toyota.  In reality, many of us can only afford the Toyota.  But now there's a way to own the Lexus at Toyota pricing!  Integra offers Factory Refurbished units at reduced pricing.  Is Iife great or what?  Huh? What does Factory Refurbished mean?  Glad you asked...  Any unit that's been opened and then returned.  That could be due to the new unit being D.O.A. and returned to the dealer.  Or a unit is purchased and the owner conveniently forgot to inform the "better half" about their new purchase.  And... back it goes to the dealer.  Whatever the reason, the units are sent back to Integra for "re-grooving".  Once the issue is resolved, Integra offers it to the dealer as "refurbished".  Each refurbished Integra (sold ONLY through a certified Integra dealer) is exactly like their new counterparts with the exception of being packed in a box that is clearly marked "refurbished" and comes with a factory 2 year warranty (new units have 3 years).  The best part is that you can SAVE a lot of $$.  Refurbished units are not always in stock so please contact Evolution for the latest update and pricing!