What we do

  • Custom Home Theater Design - From Chevrolet to Porsche, we can design a system for any size budget.
  • Consultation - From A-Z, we have "low-voltage" expertise.
  • Home Theater Installation - Highly trained and experienced installation crew.  Get us involved - from planning stages to finished product.
  • Multi-Room Audio & Video - Wireless or hard-wired?  We can bring audio and video into any room (or backyard) in your home.
  • High-End Audio - 2-channel cravings?  Let Evolution's audiophile Guru help you choose the right gear.  Let your true geek run wild!
  • Networking - You need to lay the "electronic foundation" for future technologies - a solid home network.
  • Network Security and Network Upgrades
  • WiFi - Telephone - Data - anything you need, we can supply.
  • Satellite/Cable - We can help you with any of your provider's needs - Dish, DirecTv or cable.
  • Home Automation & Programming - Your system is only spectacular if you can control it - easily.
  • Lighting - We can light up your life - automatically!
  • Custom Audio, Video Cabinetry - From pre-formed to skilled craftsman quality.
  • Custom Theater Seating - From the finest companies in the business - customized to your specifications.
  • High-end Projection Home Systems - True home theater.  Projectors tailored for "better-than-movie theater" quality in your home.

Who we are

Evolution Audio & Video is a multi-media design firm. Unlike some home media installers, we have a large showroom with 5 demo rooms and a design facility. Our passion for music and movies is reflected in the attention to detail of every system we install.

Ease of use

The most popular question we get when talking about a home media systems is "how easy will it be for my family and me to operate?" We can simplify the operation of your system with the installation of a touchscreen remote control. Your system will be intuitive to operate and easy to use.  We are Crestron and URC Certified.

System Design

System design is essential to a successful home media installation. We are one of the few companies that use computer drawings to specify all major concerns of your job so we know what to do before we get to your home. Before your installation we will show you where your components will be located, and what the system will look like. You will be comfortable with the job before we start.

You’ll love your system!

Imagine the amazing picture and sound of a movie theater in the comfort of your own home! A well executed home media system from Evolution can make your local theater chain jealous. Even local TV or cable will have a new dimension. You'll fall in love with the aural and visual experience of you new home system.

Visit our showroom

Let us demonstrate sound and picture that will amaze you. You'll experience some of the finest home theater products available. Come to our showroom and see for yourself.