Whole House Audio

Imagine walking into any room in your home and being able to listen to music (or TV).  Or, having your favorite musical group playing in the living room and your daughter's favorite "boy band" playing in her bedroom - at the same time.  Now imagine that you can control the volume in each room separately via an in-wall volume control or from your smartphone or tablet.  Also, you have the option of listening to "High Resolution" music in some of the rooms or all of them. 

This music can originate from your personal collection or be streamed through almost any streaming service available today.  Everyone in the family can create their own personal music library.  Your friends can bring their tunes over to play through your whole house system.  You can even send the music outside (and really make friends with your neighbors).  Evolution can create reliable, great sounding systems that will fit into everyone's budget.  Simple or elaborate... your choice.